Make any day a payday

Instantly access part of your salary, as soon as, you earn it. Whether it is for that unpaid bill, unforeseen expenses or you simply wish to get paid more often, Insta Cash gives you that financial freedom and flexibility on-demand. No more waiting for your next paycheck, no more payday loans or high-interest credit cards, no more worrying about late or unexpected bills.

What is Insta Cash and how does it help?

Insta Cash is a financial technology service that allows you to receive on demand a portion of your wages for hours you have already worked but not yet been paid for by your employer.

Friday the 13th of the month...

BGN 30 in bank account

Uses Insta Cash app to withdraw up to BGN 400 instantly


Turns to BGN 400 payday loan to cover expenses

How it works

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We partner with your employer to give you the power to stream part of your earned wages.

Request advance 24/7

Stream part of your earned wages directly to your preferred payment rails at any time, anywhere from the convenience of your phone.

Track your earnings

Your salary will be paid as usual with any streams you have accessed through Insta Cash app subtracted from the final salary amount. More importantly, this is not a loan, because this is your hard-earned money.


Meet unexpected expenses

Be prepared to cover unpredicted costs like emergency medical care, child support, or car repairs.

Save more money

Avoid high-interest payday loans or credit card fees, and improve your credit score (this is your earned money, not a loan).


Pay bills on time

Avoid penalties or late fees and reduce your financial stress so you can be more productive at your tasks.

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We partner with your employer so you can have access to a portion of your earned salary at any time.

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