Give your employees more than a paycheck

Empower your people to instantly access part of their salary as soon as they earn it. Insta Cash is one of the hottest benefits available. It increases the likelihood of employee adoption, engagement, and improved financial well-being, which translates to reduced turnover and its associated costs for your company.

Tool for every kind of business


Engaged employees
boost your peoples’ financial health and mental well-being with a benefit that caters to their needs in real time


Increased productivity
when people aren’t stressed about their finances they can provide better results at work


Higher retention
people who feel cared for by their employers are loyal, committed, and associate with the company longer

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Platform benefiting both companies and employees

Insta Cash is a holistic financial wellness platform that offers you access to part of your earned wages on-demand, encourages financial responsibility and provides a path towards financial stability and inclusion. It’s a small change possible through technology that brings huge positive impact.


“It’s really refreshing to work with a platform which caters for employees financial well-being.

Insta Cash –

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